Satisfying to the core

Our puzzles are FSC certified and made out of high-quality blackboard with a luxe linen, matte finish. They are suitable for solo or multi-person play. In our experience, the more the merrier.

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The mind is where it starts…

Puzzlegasm™ showcases the beauty of erotic art and human connection through a curated collection of premium jigsaw puzzles that celebrate sex-positivity in a pleasurable and playful way. We encourage you to lose yourself in lighthearted and tantalizing moments that will expand your mind and leave you feeling profoundly satisfied whenever you finish… no matter how long it takes.

Spreading the love

We are proud to collaborate with a small team of independent artists from across the globe whose unique and alluring art elevates the jigsaw experience to a whole new level of fun. A portion of every puzzle sold goes back to each artist to help support their creative visions.

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